“I felt really energetic in just a few days”

Purchased Hugg in June 2020


“I took the juice because I had viral fever and was feeling low energy.”

How was the experience?

“After consuming it I felt really great and energetic, in fact I had recommended it to my family members. They had really good experience with it.”

“I remember my brother taking during wedding time, when he was eating too much. His weight should have gone up by a lot, but it only increased by few hundred grams.

“My aunt also felt like her back pain was reducing” “

It helped me recover faster after viral fever

Were you on a diet / medicines?

“No, and I was eating properly”

Was the taste too bitter?

“Yes! But I know good things taste bitter so I didn’t complain :)”



Energy (Day 0)


Energy (Day 24)



So powerful.
So real.
So simple.