india-flagIndia’s #1 morning juice for Type 2D diabetics. Guaranteed.

Less tingling in feet

Lower blood sugar levels

Less acidity / constipation

More energy, all day long

Know your type

  • Type 2A? Weight loss and low-carb diet will not help much.
  • Type 2B? One goal will help you bring blood sugar down.
  • Type 2C? Stress management + exercise may help MORE than diet.
  • Type 2D? Smart management will give you DRA

Find out your type in just 15 minutes

If you don’t have time, we’ll do it for you.

100% money back guarantee

If your HBA1c does not fall in 24 days, we return 100% of your money back to you

  • Submit your most recent health report on Whatsapp before starting the Tonic
  • Drink one bottle of Tonic daily morning for 24 days, and feel the magic
  • Get another HBA1c test done, and see the difference.
If there is no difference, we give you the money back, happily.

Real user reports

“My hba1c dropped from 8.5 to 6.2 in 72 days

ravi shankar

“My hba1c dropped from 11.6 to 9.8 in 24 days!”

akshay kutumbale

“My hba1c dropped from 11.6 to 6.6 in 48 days!”


“On Jan 21 post-COVID my hba1c came to 8.2%. After 24 days of Hugg on Feb 21, my Hba1c came to 7.05%. Really happy with the result. I ordered again.”


100% Real Ingredients.
No Side Effects

No Preservatives


Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Soy Free

Stevia Free

Recommended by leading nutritionists

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