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“Me and my husband have been using Kalmegh for 2 months. I never felt so energetic and fresh before even during afternoon hours. I have almost no acidic refluxes and digestive problems. As a Nutritionist, I would recommend this product to my patients. Really happy with Kalmegh. We will be continuing usage of Kalmegh as the results are really outstanding.”

monika patil

Nutritionist, Aurangabad

“I personally used this product, it’s absolutely organic and i liked it. I have suggested this product to many of my clients who are suffering from some liver issues, digestion issues , skin problems, and results are amazing with proper diet plan. Proper personalised diet plan plus Kalmegh juice is perfect combination to achieve your health goals.”

Sneha Ved

Nutritionist, pune

“Kalmegh liver, kidney aur intestine ka detox karta hain, khaas kar ke liver ka. Kyunki main khud ek Ayurvedic doctor hoon, main mere clients ko recommend karti hoon. Har din subhe yoga karne ke baad ya fresh hone ke baad, ek bottle peena hain. Skin aur digestion pe results sach me dikte hain. Maine khud 24-din ka course kiya hain, do baar.”

rajshri singh

ayurvedic doctor, navi mumbai

“I was taken away when I came to know it has moringa leaves in fermented form. A great combination of Kalmegh and Moringa…it is very good for detoxification of gut and liver. I have recommended to many of my patients. It has really helped them in solving a lot of stomach issues.”

shilpa mittal

Rd. Nutritionist, mumbai

“Have tried Hugg drinks on 2 of my clients initially and saw a great deal of improvement in their gut health. Their problems like acidity and constipation seem to reduce considerably. I am sure to recommend Hugg to as many people as possible.”

Anjali peswani

Nutritionist, mumbai

“Frankly, I love the product. Apke sharir main jo mahino ke toxins aur kachra pada hain, woh pehele nikalne ki zaroorat hain. Kalmegh cleaning main really madat karta hain. Hunger cravings kam ho jathe hain, aur energy levels badh jathe. I highly recommend.”

krishna shah

Rd. Nutritionist, vapi

Feel your best in days,
not weeks.

Not like isabgol, ACV or ‘detox’ juices


No preservatives.
Zero Side Effects

List of Ingredients: Alkaline Water, Lemon Juice (2.5%), Botanical Blend (Kalmegh Leaves, Moringa Leaves, Turmeric, Dry Ginger, Black Pepper, Salt), Jaggery

What people are saying

Gut health is becoming the #1 area for most health practitioners

“Kalmegh juice boosted my energy level and reduced my body pain”

“I Drink kalmegh juice daily, It solved my constipation & acidity”

“I lost 6 kg in just 1 month drinking kalmegh juice”

“Kalmegh Bitters helped me lose 17 kgs in 4 months”

  • This is ANOTHER supplement…
  • It is not. We use real, whole ingredients. This is a functional juice, not a supplement.
  • This must be very expensive!
  • The price for one month is half the price you would spend on protein
  • Do I have to take this EVERY DAY?
  • No – just 24 days. When you get your desired result, you don’t need to continue further.
  • Can anyone have it?
  • Yes, except children under the age of 10 and pregnant women.

More than 2,239 dietitians, nutritionists, parents, grandparents and children have tried Kalmegh Bitters.


A clean stomach, today

₹199 ₹360

Try for 4 days

📦 You will receive 4 x 100ml glass bottles of Kalmegh Bitters

🧊 Please leave in the fridge. You need to drink one bottle per day on an empty stomach.

🧓👦 Safe for all ages. There are zero side effects.


Clean stomach in one month

📦 You will receive 24 x 100ml glass bottles of Kalmegh Bitters

🧊 Please leave in the fridge. You need to drink one bottle per day on an empty stomach.

🧓👦 Safe for all ages. There are zero side effects.