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Image of kalmegh bitters with all ingredients
Image of kalmegh bitters with all ingredients, on mobile

It’s that feeling after a great vacation.You return to daily life with a fresh mind and a light body. You are back in control – you can do what you want, when you want it. That’s not a new you. It’s the original you.

We’ve bottled that feeling

top view, kalmegh bitters without ingredients
top view, kalmegh bitters without ingredients

Kalmegh Bitters is a morning drink that helps you recharge when your body feels drained.



like coffee, chocolates and cigarettes

push your body

harder to squeeze out every ounce of fuel left.

for a few hours

And come with a serious crash towards the end.



like a movie or social media

are temporary

escapes for the mind.

and short lived

It can become a pattern

top down view of kalmegh bitters

Kalmegh Bitters

is made with traditional, functional Indian ingredients

frees the body

by feeding it the right nutrients to repair and restore

all day long

and likely longer, if you take the full 24-day course

Stimulants like coffee

just push your body for a few hours

Distractions on the phone

are just temporary escapes for the mind

Kalmegh Bitters

frees the body by providing the right nutrients to restore and repair.

Take a break, without taking a break

Fits right into your schedule

instructions for how to use kalmegh

Dietian Monika Patil

“I never felt so fresh and energetic before, even during afternoon hours.”

Sachin Kadam

“I get regular bowel movements now. Feeling light and less constipated”

Pinkesh Gandhi

“Kalmegh did what I couldn’t for 3 months: convince mummy to go for a walk. She says no joint pain and more energy. Love it!”

A recharge for everyone.

  • For adults whose work is taking a toll on health ➡
  • For new parents with too much on their plate ➡
  • For grandparents who want to enjoy retirement, uninterrupted ➡

top view, kalmegh bitters

Recommended by 200+ nutritionists as a detox drink.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8 Stars

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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