Hyperacidity: The guide that has worked for 300+ Indians

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Hyperacidity is natural, and bound to happen as we age.

Take a look at the graph below.

Hyperacidity becomes very common with age

As age ☝️, acid levels 👇 and acidity problems ☝️

Just because acidity is natural does not mean it is ok.

Stomach acid imbalance can change how you look and feel in a few years.

Hyperacidity changes how you look and feel

In this article, we’ll explain how can you better understand the cause of your acidity and discuss possible solutions.

The four causes of hyperacidity, and how to fix each one.

People suffer from acidity for different reasons.

In our experience, there are four major causes.

Each cause has a different solution.

There is a simple way to determine what is causing your acidity, and we call it the bucket approach.

Find out which bucket you are in, and you can get closer to fixing your acidity accordingly.

Bucket 1: Hyperacidity due to ‘Excess Weight’

How is belly size linked to acidity?

Research shows that excess abdomen fat can physically push your stomach upwards.

This may cause an imbalance in stomach acid production.

How belly fat affects hyperacidity

If your belly fat is the cause for your acid problems, there is only one real solution: weight loss.

Once you lose the excess fat, your stomach will fall into place and your acidity problem will slowly go away.

Most people notice a significant difference in acidity with every inch that they lose.

The juice to eat without bloating

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Bucket 2: Hyperacidity due to ‘Low’ Stomach Acid

Research says that low stomach acid (not high stomach acid) causes acid reflux.

Read that again^, or read this article to learn more.

There is a simple way to test if you have low stomach acid or not.

Take a little Eno or sodium bicarbonate and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. Did you burp?

If you burped, your acid levels are probably fine.

If you did not burp, it means you have low stomach acid.

A simple way to address low stomach acid is by eating something bitter.

Bitter food increases acid production and helps balance the stomach pH.

Try something bitters for a few weeks every morning on an empty stomach.

Most people use Kalmegh Bitters or Neem Bitters as per their preference.

Bucket 3: Hyperacidity due to ‘stress / poor sleep’

Stress is a common trigger for acid reflux.

In fact, if your acidity seems to have suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and you are confident you don’t fall into buckets 1 and 2, you are most likely a part of bucket 3.

When you’re stressed your stomach muscles tighten.

Tightening of your abdominal muscles pushes acid upwards, making your lower esophageal sphincter (gate to your stomach) weak.

Stress is also known to make your pain receptors extremely sensitive.

This allows you to feel discomfort even with very little increase in acid levels.

If you feel sudden waves of acidity in a high pressure environment, you come under this bucket.

A convenient solution for bucket 3 acidity is to do the following:

  • Learn stress management techniques.
  • Indulge in physical activities
  • Practice deep breathing exercises

A note on sleep

Sometimes, acidity is caused by something as simple as posture.

If you are lying down, for example, it is easier for your stomach acid to travel to your food pipe.

This can cause an acid reflux.

An easy way to deal with this issue is to avoid the following:

  • Eating late
  • Eating acidic food items near bed time
  • Bad sleep posture

Bucket 4: Hyperacidity due to ‘Allergy’ or ‘Medicine’

Health medications and  food allergies often trigger our stomach lining.

Pills like antibiotics, high BP meds, iron supplements and anti-anxiety drugs are common medication categories that you should look out for.

The four types of medicines known to make hyperacidity worse

This happens because some medication / food does not react well with your stomach, and can irritate your stomach lining.

This may cause severe acidity after you take them.

So, if you feel symptoms of acidity only after you have taken your health meds, you likely come under this bucket.

Honestly, the only solution for this problem is to find an appropriate replacement for your medicine.

Please consult with your physician before making any changes.

I take medicine and/or herbal churan. Is that bad?

Stomach acid is very important.

If you have less stomach acid:

  • Your blood would have less haemoglobin
  • Your skin would start to sag
  • Your joints would ache
  • You would feel moody and anxious
  • Your bones would be brittle
  • You would like be bloated all the time

Most acidity medication artificially reduces your stomach acid.

This gives you relief in the short run, but will make you age faster in the long run.

Just take a look at this graph again.

If you are a 30 year old with stomach acid levels of a 50 year old, which of the two do you think you will look like?

If I don’t use medicine, how can I get relief in the short term naturally?

Natural Alternatives to Ant Acids

Medicines are helpful, but overuse spells doom.

Luckily, there are natural, effective short term remedies for hyperacidity relief.

A few all natural solutions we recommend are:

Kokum Juice

Kokum fruit is packed with antioxidants that help to counter severe acid reflux.

Not only does this fruit have anti-inflammatory properties but it’s useful in managing gastric ulcers.

Take ½ to 1 cup of kokum juice and mix it with the same amount of water on an empty stomach.

This natural drink will slowly decrease your acidity levels.

Lime Juice

Mixing lime juice with water can show positive results on your gut health.

Lime helps stimulate the GI tract and is known to reduce heartburn.

Both are  a common symptom of acidity.

Take a  glass of lime juice every morning on an empty stomach and see your acidity reduce.

Alkaline Water* (On certain ocassions)

Alkaline water is linked to reducing heartburn

You know heartburn is a major symptom in patients with acidity.

A glass of alkaline water on an empty stomach is known to reduce acidity in your intestinal tract.

Go try this all natural method if you haven’t already.

(Note: alkaline water should be consumed moderately and should be avoided during lunch time)

Kalmegh Bitters or Neem Bitters

Bitters are anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcerative and packed with antioxidants.

They also help to keep the membrane of the stomach healthy, which is beneficial if you are dealing with acidity.

Try taking one bottle of “Bitters” on an empty stomach in the morning for a month.

Studies show that a shot of bitters may offer tremendous relief to acid refluxes by working to restore stomach acid levels.

Ready to walk away from acidity?

Over 300 Indians have used this guide to create a proactive plan to reduce their acid reflux.

Acid reflux is a distress signal that your body sends to you for attention.

Understand this signal, and make an informed decision starting today.

Walk away from your acidity, today.

Is your stomach
clean or dirty?

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