Morning drink
for weight watchers

Blood sugar | Blood pressure
Cholesterol | Triglycerides


“In 24 days, my cholesterol dropped from 262 to 208. My mother is extremely happy!”

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high blood sugar

“My mother’s PP blood glucose went from 430 to 180. I will definitely order more”

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Weight Loss

“My weight came down by 6kgs in one month. With diet + hugg, weight loss was very fast”

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🌿 that works like 💊

medicines to clean stomach


may cause your body trouble

like statins

have to be taken for life

have side effects

and may cause long-term GI nuisance

Herbal Churan

stops working when your body gets used to it

only helps

when you use it, and doesn’t help when you stop

for some time

It can become a recurring pattern

Kalmegh Slim

is made with traditional, functional Indian ingredients

helps to rebuild metabolic health

by feeding it the right nutrients to repair and restore

using food

if you take the full 72-day course

Medicine has side effects

which may cause your body trouble

Churan works for short time

then stops working when your body gets used to it.

Kalmegh Bitters

frees the body by providing the right nutrients to restore and repair.

Made with 10 real ingredients

How it’s made

How it works

Are 24 days enough 📅?

Day 0 to 24

It is common to feel very light, and slightly energetic. Most customers also report regular and smooth bowel movement as well.

Day 24 to 72

Some customers begin losing weight or experiencing inch loss. Get a blood test or lipid profile test done – you may be surprised with the results.

❤️ by nutritionists and customers


Mr. Girish’s review
after 24-days

Mrs. Rana’s review
after 24-days

Why Dt. Shilpa Mittal recommends Hugg

Mr. Inder’s review
after 24-days

A hugg for one month…

…costs less than a family meal.


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4.8 Star Rating


4.8 Star Rating


4.8 Star Rating