Unlike Ayurvedic pills, powders or tablets which often use high powered extracts or fancy essential oils, we only use 100% real ingredients like those found in your kitchen.

We are classified as food and not a supplement. A Hugg is just a very functional morning juice.

Because we would have been forced to leave something out.

When you shrink real food into a tablet or capsule, the process forces you to remove some components. The result: less diverse nutrition from the whole ingredient.

As a morning juice, we get to retain more nutrition.

We estimate about 30-40% of the function of Hugg comes BECAUSE it tastes bitter.

Bitter food activates unique taste receptors and functional pathways that improve digestion and liver health.

So if we made the taste sweet, you would likely get a less exciting result after 24-72 days.

Each Hugg contains more nutrients (than a pill) in a format that the body recognizes (whole food).

This allows each Hugg to react uniquely to every body. The same ingredients can reduce bloating, improve sleep, improve skin glow and give you all-day energy.


Research shows that certain whole ingredients help your gut, liver and kidneys revitalize themselves.

Once your organs are functioning smoothly, you do not need to keep taking those ingredients.


Kalmegh Bitters / Kalmegh Slim are morning beverages that help to improve gut health and metabolic health in 24 to 72 days.

Shake and drink one full bottle a day on an empty stomach in the morning.

The nutrients in Kalmegh Bitters are 100% natural and take time to build up in the body before showing results.

Yes. We recommend a minimum of 24 days, and there is no harm in continuing if you are satisfied with the results.

In a cool place, away from sunlight. You can store Kalmegh Bitters / Kalmegh Slim in a refrigerator as well.

We use non-porous, non-leach glass bottles. We do not use plastic as research shows some microplastics may mix into the final beverage product.

100ml. That is enough to fill a small teacup.


Kalmegh leaves, Moringa leaves, Raw Turmeric, Dry Ginger, Black Pepper, Salt, Lemon Juice, Cinnamon, Fennel and Organic Jaggery.

No. Kalmegh leaves and Turmeric powder are strong antifungal and antimicrobial ingredients which naturally extend the shelf life.

Because bitter is better. Research shows Kalmegh Bitters has to taste bitter to activate receptors that may stimulate a gut and liver cleanse.


Yes. You can have your thyroid medication first, then wait one hour. Then consume Kalmegh Bitters and wait another 30 minutes before consuming any food.

Absolutely. Studies show that Kalmegh leaves may actually reduce blood sugar levels, and have reno-protective and neuroprotective effects.

Absolutely. Studies show that the ingredients in Kalmegh Bitters / Kalmegh Slim may greatly help restore liver function with prolonged use.

The ingredients may contribute to weight loss by improving digestion, boosting metabolism and reducing fat around the liver. Customers often report successful results with Kalmegh Slim after a weight loss plateau.

We do not recommend Kalmegh Bitters for pregnant women, children under 10 and anyone with low blood pressure.