Are you fed up of …

  • Being embarrased to run to the bathroom multiple times in the middle of work day?👇
  • Waiting for a proper bowel movement to get relief from bloating, cramps and abdominal pain? 👇
  • Feeling depressed, because you cannot focus at work or enjoy like you want? 👇
  • Being scared to travel, because you don’t know when your symptoms will flare up? 👇

Then clean your stomach

By changing your morning drink for 24 days

Empty stomach

Once a day

30 mins before or
after a meal


Release gas freely

Less bloating after eating

Improved liver function

Better metabolism

Just 100ml daily morning.

Take for maximum 72 days.

Reduce bloating

More energy

Reduce straining

Release gas

Reduce acidity

No Side Effects.
No Loose Motions.

Made with just 8 real ingredients

ingredients to clean stomach

Incredible results
in just 24 days.

Within 12 days, all my problems had gone off. It’s just excellent.”

Ayan M.

Order #15162

I am very happy for liver and and weight loss. Very satisfied. Thank you guys.

Abhishek S.

Order #15162

“My allopathic medicine has come to zero.


Order #13430

Bloating has surely reduced. I am going to continue the course.”

Sarita V.

Order #14622

More than 2,239 dietitians, nutritionists, parents, grandparents and children have tried Kalmegh Bitters.

A clean stomach costs
less than 1 family meal

One Course (24 Bottles)

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📦 24 x 100ml Glass Bottles

🧊 Store in cool place

🧓👦 Zero side effects for all ages.

🍸 One bottle daily morning

🌿 24-day gut support diet plan


Kalmegh Bitters is a morning beverage that helps build gut and liver health in 24 days.

Shake and drink one full bottle a day on an empty stomach in the morning.

The nutrients in Kalmegh Bitters are 100% natural and take time to build up in the body before showing results.

Yes. We recommend a minimum of 24 days, and there is no harm in continuing if you are satisfied with the results.

In a cool place, away from sunlight. You can store Kalmegh Bitters in a refrigerator as well.

We use non-porous, non-leach glass bottles. We do not use plastic as research shows some microplastics may mix into the final beverage product.

100ml. That is enough to fill a small teacup.

Hurry! Number of trial bottles
remaining are low