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Kalmegh Bitters – Morning drink for your gut and liver

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127 reviews for Kalmegh Bitters – Morning drink for your gut and liver

  1. Awadh Kumar Pandey

    ‘’ Maine 24 days course kar liya hai pura aur dusra order manga bhi liya hai’’. Mera sugar level kaafi control me hai kalmegh lene ke baad. Hba1c nahi karwaya hai wo 3 mahine me hota hai toh. Mera PP aur Fasting kaafi kam ho gaya hai usme koi shak nahi hai. Pehle mera fasting rehta 160/170 abhi 111 aa gaya hai. Last check karwaya tha last month last week 111 aaya. Ye lab me test karwaya tha.

  2. Narasimha

    ‘’There is a big story’’. Initially it has been given to patients with gut problem, so doctor suggested to take Hugg beverages for gut health problem. So we came to know that there are very good changes after taking this drink. So what we preferred , we ordered one more for same patient that is my second order. So the third order which we placed as he was suffering from same problem so for cousin I ordered, so we taught of giving to him also as his food conservation is completely of outside not an home-made. Daily he used to have outside food and main issue he is going here and there. So decently like before 3-4 months before started having home-made food, so his motion problem is very strong as in term of controlling ,he use to suffer from stomach pain, gut problem, potty problem. So because of all this one or the other problem came so for that he took some medicines also which does not resulted . So we recommend this saying ‘’better you start this kalmegh juice . Take one course and said him to let us know. And after 10 days he told ‘’sir ! It is very good , super , no such negative comments on this juice’’. Then what I thought even I take it for myself . Let me take too as I don’t have any problem though. Then I have read it in Wikipedia and all two / three reviews for the product, so I came to know it also cleanse stomach, so even I ordered it for myself for own purpose ,than I started and I am left with having 6 to 9 bottles . I see changes results in stomach on third day only after taking Kalmegh. I feel something like ‘’FREE’’. ‘’LIGHT’’. I cannot express in words. I felt very good and no negative remark on that. It helps your body cleanse your thing, which is very good product, even the patient who was having an hair fall problem after taking this his problem got solved and the hair fall is stopped.

  3. Aishwarya Dange

    I have ordered twice for my parents’’ As my dad was facing problem of acidity from few days and both my dad and mom started using it. After taking it they felt very much energetic, more lighter and they felt good. It is very healthy also and there is no side effects.

  4. Parmjit Kaur, Mohali (verified owner)

    I want to stop my blood sugar medicines altogether. My fasting glucose used to be a 103 and PP used to be 160. Then I started the course of 24 days with the product. I felt light during those days. My current reading after this course is 93 in fasting and a 132 in PP.

  5. Aditi Arora, Delhi (verified owner)

    My hunger pangs have come down after I started this product for blood sugar. I have sustained energy through the day. I used to take afternoon naps earlier but no sleep requirement in the afternoon now.I generally take antibiotics when I have a cough cold infection but this time body is healing faster without antibiotics. My sugar readings have been amazing. No spikes even after heavy meals.

  6. Anuradha Gawkar

    I am 71. From Mulund , Mumbai. Diabetic I detected it when I was 47/48 years. Before taking kalmegh juice I use to do Yoga, Aasana and Gou Mutra. and supplements. After taking kalmegh juice I felt energetic. I am not fat not thin also but normal.My weight is 62 kg . I can climb steps. In taste I don’t find very bitter as I used to eat Methi. Earlier during corona period 18 months I could not able to go to doctor, so I was on medicines only and doctor said because of that sugar level trigger. Recently one month back I attended your webinar and after that I take kalmegh I felt energetic and sugar level comes down.

  7. Elwyn Gonsalves

    I am 63. From Mumbai Maharashtra. I am diabetic since 20 years and was taking Ayurvedic medicines, Karela juice and all. After taking Kalmegh I felt much light and it is very good. I am very happy with this product even their team is very friendly. As per taste kalmegh is far more better than karela juice. I will recommend this to everyone.

  8. Dr. Aloke Ghosh

    My Hba1c 6.2, Fasting Blood Sugar 111, and Post Prandial was 140. I am 60. From Kolkata was diabetic since 2003 , was on medication before taking this juice to control it. After taking this feeling more light now. Taste wise the juice is better.

  9. Hitanshi Gupta

    ” Acha hai product. Stomach bhi clear ho jata hai. Bloating bhi nahi hoti aur stomach bhi light feel hota hai. Mujhe farak bhi pada hai thoda inch lost hua. Aur ek baar order place karnewali hu”.

  10. Healy Vora

    ” The experience is Ok. Feel more energetic. I can’t see right now much difference as I am yet to consume 12 bottles more. As it was recommended by my dietitian. I used to feel like bloated before and now off late i don’t feel bloated in stomach . As my digestion is slow, to boost up I have taken kalmegh. Hunger craving is decreased as when I feel hungry I used to have sweets and its come down. My bowl movement is also good. As compare to before it is not constipated now”.

  11. Lakshmi Prakash

    ” Its very good on stomach. It was suggested by my brother in law for gut health and overall health to see so we just started me and my husband. The digestion was good after taking kalmegh. It maintain our gut health. It marked it on next level and definitely I will recommend to others”.

  12. Saurabh Mayekar

    ” I go to gym very regularly. From last 3 to 4 years I am going to gym. From day 2 only , I noticed a huge energy in the gym. It is very effective and benefiting to me. I had taken kalmegh for high blood sugar and cholesterol management. I was recommended by doctor Ankita Ghag. In the morning I take bullet proof coffee and take my diabetes medicine on an empty stomach.

  13. Astha Singla

    ” Couple of days back, I am having bloating and gastric. And from the day 1 ,I have n’t faced the problem of constipation i am going through. I have been facing with the problem of constipation and bloating from a very long time. My morning was very heavy morning everyday. From the day 1 , I haven’t faced any problem. I feel my entire body is fully light after taking kalmegh. I also recommend to my family also. My cousin recommend me this drink. I am someone who is smiling like the problem has got over.

  14. Harsh Agarwal (verified owner)

    It was good. I can see difference in my skin. As I had some skin related issues so for that reason I had ordered kalmegh. I felt my hunger cravings got decreased. And even my Bowel movement is good .

  15. Vamsi Krishna

    ” Product acha tha. Digestion ka problem tha so humare doctor ne suggest kiya tha kalmegh lene. Kalmegh lene ke baad digestion me farak aaya hai. Doctor bole hai check karte rehne agar dobara problem hua toh continue rakhne bolege”.

  16. Amitav

    ” It was good. Blood sugar has not gone up I noticed. As I was on some other medication also. I don’t see any much differences”.

  17. Santosh Khotkar

    “Acha tha product. Mujhe recommend kiya tha madam ne blood sugar ke liye. Acha hai kalmegh kuch problem nahi hai”.

  18. Seema Ranjit (verified owner)

    “Its was very good. I got the results. For weight loss my dietitian suggested me this product. In one week I loss 1 kg. I am dieting also and having kalmegh as dieting is a part of it. I feel fresh after taking kalmegh. Its was all over a good experience”.

  19. Apurva Joshi

    ” Its a very good product. Very healthy and useful when you take in morning it cleanse everything. I have taken it for weight loss. It helped alot. I noticed a good motion and digestion is good”.

  20. Zayd Bhura

    ” It a good experience. But the is bitter quite but overall its good. You can see benefits out of it. Not all but some. For better digestion I have taken it. When you took it early morning empty stomach, you don’t feel much hungry. And for digestion its good. I have taken kalmegh for weight loss also. I can’t see any changes in weight loss. I have not taken a complete course so might be the results are not seen yet. And will be ordering it again.

  21. Mrigakhi

    ” It was really nice. It has help me. For digestive reason I have taken it, and after taking kalmegh my digestive issue is less. And it has improved as well. Its soon to tell that my weight is also change with it. And may be we will order again. Hunger cravings have come down. I am also diabetic so it helped me in that area”.

  22. Vrinda (verified owner)

    “The experience with kalmegh was great. It was recommended by my gastroenterologist because of my gut issues and bloating , acidity an all of that. It Definitely helped me for my bloating for sure. It regularize my motion’s as well. I felt a good bowel movement and little weight loss “.

  23. Shivam Khatri

    “Experience was good after taking kalmegh. I have taken it for digestion. My stomach is better. My bloating is less now feeling light after taking. A good bowel movement. I am very much satisfied”.

  24. Siddharth Sunilji Chordiya

    ” The product was good. I have taken kalmegh for weight loss and sugar balance and the result is good . I loss 2 kg’s and my sugar is quite in control”.

  25. Balasubramanian

    ” The product was good. The order delivery was delayed. I have completed 2 sets of 24. This is my 3rd set. I can see inch lost but I dont see reduce in weight. My food consistence quantity was good . And that problem got solved. Other changes I don’t see in myself”.

  26. Harsimran

    ” The product is very bitter,but it helped me with the weight loss. And even with the reduction of my certain symptoms that i have as associated with the thyroid. Overall its a good. If you can do something about the bitter taste ,it will be really helpful. The product was recommended by my doctor and nutritionist. I was satisfied with the product. Sometimes I feel like acidity in the stomach. When I was taking this pro-biotic drink , I felt good. Only the taste is bitter, but its in small quantity so I can drink it.

  27. Shreyas (verified owner)

    ” The experience is normal. I din’t make out any difference. Just to see any difference , I have taken Kalmegh. I dont have any problem. Every day I am taking early in the morning but i dont see any difference”.

  28. A K Agarwal

    ” Mujhe dengue, covid sab ho chuka hai. Humare family friend hai ,unki beti ne suggest kiya tha, toh boli thi ki thi aunty lelo acha rehta hai. Immunity badhegi esa kaha tha ,toh bas le liya. Baki weight toh loss nahi hua. Me thyroid patient hu toh weight bhi muskil se kam hota hai mera “.

  29. Anju Agarwal

    I am finding it good. I am on a diet plan so my dietitian recommended me to take this in the early morning. For weight loss and digestion . My digestion is very good now. And my weight is also loosing”.

  30. Harshad Motghare

    ” I have used it, and its really nice. It was advice by one of my clinical nutritionist. For digestive I would say it works really nice “.

  31. Sandeep Vig

    ” The product is very good. Liked the product and quite effective as well. But its very good to get detox. So i was having bloating problem in my stomach, so my dietitian suggest me to try this product. After having one drink stomach gets clear. That’s a wonderful product . Good job”.

  32. Vishal Sharma

    ” Experience is good . I have acidity issues , my accidity has come down. I had taking kalmegh and for 1 and a half month i had taken some protein supplements. But the combination of the two din’t work for me. And when I took both of them my weight got increased. Now when I am taking only kalmegh and when I stopped all the supplements definately its working well. At early morning when I wakeup , the first thing I take is only kalmegh on empty stomach.”

  33. Vikram Singh

    ” Acha hai more than better . Mujhe acidity ka problem hota tha, isiliye maine kalmegh liya. Bahot difference dikha. Abhi acidity bhi nahi hota. Weight bhi badh gaya mera. Pehle khana bhi nahi kha paata tha , abb thik se khana bhi khata hu “.

  34. Abhishek Mukherjee

    Been recommending this to all our patients who have severe gut issues right from start while our team administers other clinical aspects with individuals who come for healing. highly recommend!

  35. Priya Shroff

    The program worked fantastically for me. The Kalmegh Bitters along with a change in diet made me feel more energetic, light and cheerful. I did experience noticeable weight loss as well. I’d recommend this program to anyone and everyone, if you want to feel better, treat your gut better!

  36. richard Emmanuel

    even though i haven’t used the product yet i trust in the separate ingredients, i need to know how much it would cost to get this product of if there is a distributer closer to my location for the product

  37. richard Emmanuel

    i saw the ingredients present in the Kalmegh bitters and i would like to know how much it would cost export the product from your facility to me in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies. please respond, as i am really very interested and i would like to start with the 24 day course. Please i am waiting your response Thank you and god bless

  38. Arvind Solanki (verified owner)

    I had started consuming this product after my dietitian recommended it for my fatty liver and bad cholesterol. I am consuming this product since a week and my health condition is improving. I am having good experience in consuming this probiotic drink.

  39. Hitesh

    I had bought this product for my mother as she was having alot of acidity problem and since she has started consuming the drink her acidity problems have gone. Her experience with the product is good. I also really liked the packaging of the product.

  40. Ragini Sharma

    I had taken the product because my dietitian recommended me. The purpose of taking the product was to control her blood sugar as I’m is a diabetic patient and the product worked effectively. I really liked the product.

  41. Ankit Bhatia (verified owner)

    I had a good experience with the product, the purpose I took it was for my stomach enzyme after my doctor recommended it, and it has worked good.

  42. Nibedita Chatterjee (verified owner)

    I had really good experience with the product as I had taken the product for gastric problems and it is fully resolved. I even liked the packaging of the product and the durability of the bottles were quite great.

  43. Mitul Choudhary (verified owner)

    I got a suggestion from someone that this product is good for immune system and started using it post covid recovery. It benefited me to strengthen my immune system.

  44. Shikha kothari

    Excellent product. It helped me in my gas problem and started feeling better and light.

  45. P R O Gandhi

    Thanks Kalmegh loads for ringing in n rejuvenating overall my mind n,body.
    Was skeptical initially of it’s consumption _but was made to understand it’s related benefits_
    After taking the juice consistently for 2 months find radical changes in my skin,digestion n the boost to my energy levels_amazing!!!
    Found a drop in my weight n also a minimal reduction in my sugars.
    Have recommended all my dear ones to go ahead n take a hug.
    Look forward every morning to gulp the nature’s natural bliss__ for creator’s healthy creation .

  46. P R O Gandhi

    Thanks loads Kalmegh, u have brought in new vibes of overall rejuvenation. Of mind n body,.
    Being a diabetic,initially was skeptical on having it__ but was made to understand the difference it would bring to one’s health__ I went ahead with the juice.
    It’s almost 2 months of consistency _
    Surprisingly, to my utter happiness find radical difference in skin,digestion, weight loss n a drop in diabetes though minimal__ but above all the energy it has brought is great.
    Would love to continue n recommend it to all my dear ones.
    Guys just go for it__ It’s the gift of nature to creator’s best creation_ Go take a hugg🥰

  47. Dt. Soma Paul

    After Using Kalmegh on myself as a trial for review because to recommend my clients/patients but Kalmegh bitter is the only detox food which has super food ingredients from which my client got a good feedback after use this drink. It’s really authentic food drink maden by such unique herbs which basically works on our majorly internal organ to cleanses all toxins which helps to reduce such complications into body and other health issues too with good weight loss effect. But one should try after Dietician’s Or Nutritionist concern due to their body requirements or any past medical history. That’s why I do recommend “Kalmegh bitter” .

  48. Sakshi Bhoolabhai

    Amazing morning drink to start your days! I saw a difference in my digestion, skin and my overall energy levels. Highly recommend to everyone to try this out.

  49. Aboli Deo (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Energy booster with no side effects

  50. Anurag Maloo, Seoni

    Very good

  51. Richa Ranjan, Baner

    Very good

  52. Mohd Salman, Lalbagh

    Accha hain

  53. Paresh parekh, Mumbai

    Very good

  54. Col A K Jaggi, Lucknow

    Yes it did helped in improving digestion, weight loss & of course improved energy level in my body.

  55. Abhishek Agarwal, Aurangabad

    Accha hain

  56. Satish Oswal, Chattisgarh

    Digestion mai fayda hai.
    This time packing is also good.

  57. Deepak Yadav, Nagpur

    Energy to thik hai. Digestion mai fayda nahi lag raha.

  58. Nikita Kojabe, Chandrapur

    Accha hain

  59. Manisha Vidhate, Pune

    Kuch nahi hua

  60. Harpreet Singh Ajmani, Delhi

    Accha hain

  61. Pravin Banage, Kolhapur

    Digestion aur energ mai thoda farak aaya

  62. Raminder, Mira Road


  63. Manali Vora, Dombivali


  64. Munnazah Qazi, Andheri


  65. Mahima Jaiswal, Aurangabad

    Very good

  66. Rachna Dadich, Jammu

    It’s worth buying. Taste ofcourse bitter hai but it actually works. I used to have headache very often but after consuming this, the frequency has gone down. My stomach feels light & good. Anybody who has digestion problems or gastric issues must try this once. I took 24 days course. Though I would say packing should improve as 2 bottles were broken when I received it. But rest it worked for me.

  67. Nimya S S, Pune

    Accha hain. Digestion mai fayda hua.

  68. Pinkesh Gandhi, Mumbai

    Very good

  69. Archana Kamboj, West Delhi

    I am sorry to say it was not good. Maybe I will try Kalmegh again.

  70. Sheena, Gomti Nagar

    Very good.

  71. Kiran Dubey, Raipur


  72. Ritesh Ramesh Chaudhary, Aurangabad


  73. M N Rathod, Aurangabad

    Very good

  74. Vinita Yadav, Gomti Nagar

    Very good

  75. Swapnil Kanthale, Pune

    Accha hain

  76. Vishal Khatod, Aurangabad

    Kuch nahi hua

  77. Udit Kothari, Jaipur


  78. Jinendra Shah, Partapur

    Accha hain.

  79. Srinivas, Sirohi

    Bohut fayda hua

  80. Tigrao Kale, Aurangabad (verified owner)

    Product accha hai. Diabetes hai mujhe, Age bhi ho gayi hai – 75 years. Phir Covid ke liye 10 din hospitalise ho gaya tha. Bahut weakness lag rahi thi, Iss age pe zyada cheezein kam nahi karti. But yeh product accha hai. Jo chhoti moti problem thi woh chali gayi hai. Digestion accha ho gaya hai. Weight kam ho gaya tha, ab barabar hai. Ghar mein ab chal phir sakta hu. Neend ki goli pichle ek mahine se nahi li hai.

  81. Rithika Shetty

    My family had been down with covid, and as usual we had the fear of how this can be handled especially since I have 2 toddlers in the house. My husband and I tested positive, he had fever and sore throat, whereas I had breathlessness and weakness. Medications were on but my body still felt tired.
    When Tanvi came to know about my situation, she immediately sent me the bottles. Like anyone, I too doubted it, thinking what does it contain and how much effective would it be. But seriously, I trusted her and today has been my 3rd day of taking it and I have recovered so much faster! I feel much more energetic and this has brought an improvement in me for sure. I really recommend Kalmegh bitters, firstly because it is a natural drink without any preservatives and secondly it doesnt interfere with your medications. At times like these, we need a magic potion like this!

  82. Shristi Trivedi, Bhopal

    Good. My digestive troubles are less now. Also I lost a couple of kgs.

  83. Gaurav Virmani, Mumbai

    I got the reference from my friend who suggested me to go for kalmegh bitters from hugg. Initially I was skeptical as I never used this brand and was exploring other options if I can get kalmegh capsules or tablets instead of hugg bitter shots.

    After so much of discussion with my dietician friend, I ordered hugg kalmegh bitter online and believe you me product sold by hugg is of far superior quality that other brands providing kalmegh.

    And i must say not only the quality of the product is good but overall experience was very decent and is at par with international ecommerce giants.

  84. Archana Deshmukh, Aurangabad

    Very Good

  85. Prerna Chintamani, Bangalore


  86. Sachin Juneja, Gurgaon

    Good. Help Digestion

  87. Utpal Mishra, Lucknow

    Very good

  88. Sheetal, Jaipur

    Accha hain

  89. Apeksha Ardad, Aurangabad

    Improved energy

  90. Divya Solanki, Raichur


  91. Archana

    Product is good for easy and smooth digestion. Felt lighter and fresh.
    Metabolism rate got improved.
    Packing was very good..

  92. Shamim Shaikh

    My dtr buy this product. Gt the result she wanted. Gud

  93. Manbhavati Yadav

    Product is good no doubt about it. I was very unwell. 7 days only since I have started. Back felt heavy but after starting this there is relief. May want to continue for more than 24 days.

  94. Yashvi Sheth

    My nani is very happy with it, she said she feels her digestion has improved and pith/acidity has also reduced which has helped her sleep

  95. Gautam Bonsal

    I’ve tried Ashwagandha, tulsi and turmeric but nothing has made me feel as good as Kalmegh after COVID. I recommend to everyone in quarantine.

  96. Sonal

    I felt sleepy all the time after I got COVID. 3 days of Kalmegh, and my energy has returned. Awesome product.

  97. Monil Patel

    Kalmegh has brought back my energy levels after COVID

  98. Kishore Updahyay

    Its very Good

  99. Aakansha


  100. Dr. Bhuvan Jyoti.

    Hey , I am having the Kalmegh bitter for 7-8 days and I am quiet relieved of my gastritis issue – will give a better update after all 24 bottles are finished.

  101. Vanshika kalra

    This drink has not only increased my mom’s energy level but also her metabolism and she is now become super active and fresh with this new organic drink!!!!!

  102. Anjali Peswani (Nutritionist & Food Consultant)

    Have tried Hugg drinks on 2 of my clients initially and saw a great deal of improvement in their gut health. Their problems like acidity and constipation seem to reduce considerably.
    I am sure to recommend Hugg to as many people as possible.

  103. Dt. Paramita Singh

    After using this product I can clearly see that my husbands snacking is reduced. Which was the main issue with him.

  104. Muzzafar

    I have completed my course, I am getting god results I need to continue.

  105. Rajshree Singh

    Kalmegh liver, kidney aur intestine ka detox karta ham, khaas kar ke liver ka. Kyunki main khud ek Ayurvedic doctor hoon, main mere clients ko recommend karti hoon. Har din subhe yoga karne ke baad ya fresh hone ke baad, ek bottle peena ha in. Skin aur jgestion pe results sach me dikte ham. Maine khud 24-din ka course kiya ham, do baar.

  106. Monika PatiR

    Me and my husband have been using Kalmegh for 2 months. I never felt so energetic and fresh before even during afternoon hours. I have almost no acidic refluxes and digestive problems. As a Nutritionist, I would recommend this product to my_patients. Really happy with Kalmegh. We will be continuing usage of Kalmegh as the results are really outstanding

  107. Sachin Kadc

    I’ve already done the course three times in the past 6 months. I feel very energetic, and my constipation problem has reduced by 50%. I love that this is real food and not medicine. Highy recommend.


    Unique product so beautifully named, packed and made with lots of purity. After using just few bottles,felt rejuvenated and energetic. Everyone must Try, make it a habit and gift it to loved ones.

    – Big tight hug to HUGG


    When you tend to adopt natural products it is always helpful. We tried Kalmegh Bitter Juice and within a week we started feeling difference ¡n daily energy level. Product ¡s really worth.


    It’s good specially when we are at home in this lockdown and crave for food and eat more this one bottle in morning makes u feel full till evng so u have automatically controlled diet. Secondly it’s good detox.


    Superb product for health I recommend for all age.


    I purchased trial from facebook and they delivered it on time and also they give very good response on whatsapp for my questions. I was feel tired at work place and my mood ¡s also down but when I drink this I feel energized and my mood is also up feel better and like to do work fast Thanku very much.


    The Next Super Drink! It’s bitter, but it is worth ¡t. It delivers what it promises, the goodness of health ¡n a well-packed bottle and completed the six-day morning routine as suggested with the product. I felt a wave of positive energy during those days and I m sure it also boosted my immunity levels at the same time. I recommend this drink for all the health freaks!


    Best energy raising drinks. My mother 73 years old and use everyday and feel freshness whole day.


    Little bitter tasting, but works. I normally take allergy meds twice a week. When I was taking Kalmegh Bitters for 6 days, I didn’t need to take my allergy medicine.


    Very Good product very usefull and Result very Good…”


    Took this for a week and felt lighter, stomach feels calm and clean. I also felt increase in the energy level after taking this as a morning drink.”

  118. Leena

    I’m 55 yrs old and used to take my sons protein shake for energy. I tried Kalmegh because ¡t ¡s made with real leaves. Really worked for me, giving it to my mother too. Highly recommend.

  119. Varun

    Using just for few days and here are my results:

    -Feeling really energetic. I don’t feel tired ¡n the evening like I used to.

    -Morning time acidity ¡s almost gone.I usually get one acid reflux daily, and since I have started it has gone away.

    -Feeling less bloated. Quite surprised that the taste is not as bitter as I expected!
    Will purchase again for my father too

  120. Cyrus

    My father gets serious acidity whenever he skips his meals. He always carries antacid tablets and has to take one tablet ¡n two days. Since he has started Kalmegh, he has stopped his ant-acid tablets completely. It was a little too bitter for me, but my father absolutely loved it.

  121. Cyrus

    “My father gets serious acidity whenever he skips his meals. He always carries antacid tablets and has to take one tablet ¡n two days. Since he has started Kalmegh, he has stopped his ant-acid tablets completely. It was a little too bitter for me, but my father absolutely loved it.”

  122. Sanjay Tank

    i took 24 days… it works best on stomach & Gut… A good Detox… also controls hunger

  123. Nutritionist Sneha Ved , Pune

    I personally used this product, it’s absolutely organic and i liked it. I have suggested this product to many of my clients who are suffering from some liver issues, digestion issues , skin problems, and results are amazing with proper diet plan. Proper personalised diet plan plus Kalmegh juice is perfect combination to achieve your health goals.

  124. Pinkesh patel

    Very very good, Superb product.

  125. Adil Nourani

    Little bitter tasting, but works. I normally take allergy medicine twice a week. When I was taking Kalmegh BItters for 6 days, I didn’t need to take my allergy medicine.

  126. Krushit Shah

    The Next Super Drink!

    It’s bitter, but it is worth it. It delivers what it promises, the goodness of health in a well-packed bottle and completed the six-day morning routine as suggested with the product. I felt a wave of positive energy during those days and I m sure it also boosted my immunity levels at the same time. I recommend this drink for all the health freaks!

    Ar Krushit Shah

  127. Shreya Shah

    1. My digestion has improvised.
    2. The energy levels have surely gone up
    3. Now. I eat small frequent meals compared to three large meals, everyday.
    4. I think my metabolism has gone up!!
    5. I feel lighter now.

    These our my patients review who have used this product.

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