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Running to bathroom
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Feeling scared to travel without toilet nearby?

Feeling angry or moody all the time?

Skipping food because you feel ‘heavy’?

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daily morning

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Within 12 days, all my problems had gone off. It’s just excellent.”


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Bloating has surely reduced. I am going to continue the course.”

+ Free Diet Plan

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ingredients to clean stomach

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Kalmegh Bitters is a morning beverage that helps build gut and liver health in 24 days.

Shake and drink one full bottle a day on an empty stomach in the morning.

The nutrients in Kalmegh Bitters are 100% natural and take time to build up in the body before showing results.

Yes. We recommend a minimum of 24 days, and there is no harm in continuing if you are satisfied with the results.

In a cool place, away from sunlight. You can store Kalmegh Bitters in a refrigerator as well.

We use non-porous, non-leach glass bottles. We do not use plastic as research shows some microplastics may mix into the final beverage product.

100ml. That is enough to fill a small teacup.

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