What if 8 real ingredients could help you drop your HBa1c?

With your age, weight, height and full body report

“Before Hugg, my Hba1c was 11.6%, fasting was 180 and PP was 230. After just 24 days, my Hba1c dropped to 9.8%, fasting became 87 and PP became 125.”


Order #15162

“After COVID on Nov 16, 2021 I got an HBa1c of 11.8. I was shocked! I started Hugg and made some diet changes. On February 18th, my Hba1c fell to 6.6


Order #13430

“On Jan 21 post-COVID my hba1c came to 8.2%. After 24 days of Hugg on Feb 21, my Hba1c came to 7.05%. Really happy with the result. I ordered again.”


Order #14622

“Main pichhale 24 dinon se Hugg ka upayog kar raha hoon. Mainne antar dekha hai ki mere Hba1c pahale 8.3% tha lekin ab yah 7.1% hain.


Order #15126

“Mere hba1c pehele 10.9% tha. 24 days ke baad mera Hba1c hain to 8.8%. Thank you so much sir! Main aur ek order karne wala hoon.”

Amit D.

Order #15628

“My husband used it. His Hba1c fell from 6.7% to 6.5%.”


Order #14622

““My fasting fell from 259 -> 183 -> 128 in 96 days. fasting. Never seen the result like this in 10 years.

Kausar B.

Order #11609

“Before fasting was always 160+. Now, it shows 110. My Hba1c fell from 9% to 7.4% in 24 days.”

Vidya A.

Order #13549

“My blood sugar fell 315 to 199. Very good result.”

Amit S.

Order #16085

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Will I get a good result too?

  • Have you ever been diagnosed with a fatty liver?
  • Were you first diagnosed with diabetes during or after pregnancy?
  • Did you get high blood sugar after COVID or any other infection?
  • Are you taking statin and/or cholesterol medications?
  • Did you get high blood sugar after an operation or surgery?
  • Is your Hba1c more than 10%?
  • Is your lipid profile little high?

If you answered ‘yes’, then our Mango Leaf Tonic is for you.

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With your age, weight, height and full body report

Made with 100%
real ingredients.

No extracts. No essential oils. No preservatives.

List of Ingredients: Alkaline Water, Lemon Juice (2.5%), Botanical Blend (Mango Leaves, Kalmegh Leaves, Moringa Leaves, Turmeric, Fennel, Cinnamon, Dry Ginger Black Pepper)

Real food.
Real results.

With your age, weight, height and full body report

What happens after I order?

With your age, weight, height and full body report

A Hugg for one month…

…costs less than a family meal.


Free home delivery.

See what happens next.


4.8 Star Rating


4.8 Star Rating


4.8 Star Rating

Still wondering what if it doesn’t work?

After we confirm, if you try the product for 24 days and don’t see any difference in fasting, post prandial or Hba1c, then we will refund 100% of your money back to you. Here is our co-founder’s direct email address: [email protected] He looks at refunds himself.