“In 3 months, my husband’s HbA1C went from 11+ to 6.3.”

Purchased Hugg in May 2021

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“My husband got COVID. Despite being discharged, his O2 saturation was low. This drink was initially ordered for this purpose.”

How was the experience?

By day 24, I noticed an immediate increase in my husband’s oxygen saturation levels within 15 mins of consuming the first drink. He started feeling extremely energetic, too. Before, even 13 hours of sleep did not make him rested. Now, just 5-6 hours does the trick.”

I feel rested on just 5-6 hours of sleep

Were you on a diet / medicines?

“My husband doesn’t do much for nutrition, and believes in allopathic medicines.”

Was the taste too bitter?

“Initially a little bit.”

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HbA1c (Day 0)


HbA1c (Day 72)



So powerful.
So real.
So simple.