Isabgol side effects that may SHOCK you [2024 Update]

isabgol side effects

These 4 isabgol side effects may really surprise you.

  1. Isabgol may reduce mineral absorption from your food
  2. Isabgol may make you feel more constipated
  3. With long term use, you may find it difficult to poop without isabgol
  4. Isabgol can create serious gas

As with anything, you need to use isabgol carefully.


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Isabgol side effects

#1 Isabgol may lower mineral absorption from your food

Studies show that supplementing your diet with isabgol may result in poor absorption of minerals, particularly calcium, phosphorous and iron.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Isabgol seems to bind to key minerals like calcium, making it very difficult for the digestive system to absorb the mineral.
  2. Isabgol will draw water from anywhere to build the mass it needs to be pushed out of the digestive system. If you don’t drink enough water while consuming your isabgol, it will draw water from your body and cause a mineral imbalance.

Recommendation: Eat Isabgol 2 hours after a meal, and with a lot of water.

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#2 Psyllium husk for constipation may make things worse

If you aren’t being able to move your bowels normally, then adding Isabgol may worsen the situation.

It’s like the signal isn’t turning green, but more cars are joining the traffic.

This is especially true for women who have just given birth.

This category usually has a damaged pelvic floor muscle – the muscle needed to push poop out of your system.

Adding Isabgol to the diet only makes you feel full, bloated and even more constipated.

Note: Isabgol usually offers temporary relief from constipation when you are eating too little food, or too much refined food.

#3 Psyllium husk long term side effect: dependency

This is probably the most significant isabgol side effect.

If your body gets too used to isabgol, you may find that it is difficult to poop without isabgol.

This will create a real nuisance.

It will be very difficult to reverse the mental association (“I’ll only poop if I get isabgol”) …

….and the gut muscle integrity (Your body may slow gut muscle action because Isabgol is doing a lot of the work)

That’s a dangerous position to be in.

#4 Isabgol can create serious gas

Especially if you eat isabgol without enough water, your gut bacteria and ferment Isabgol …

….and produce a LOT of gas.

Isabgol is basically a combination of insoluble fiber that can act as food for your gut bacteria.


How long can Isabgol be taken?

Because of isabgol’s side effects, it must be consumed only when necessary.

This could be once a week or once in 2 weeks.

If you absolutely need to take psyllium husk daily, doctors usually recommend a maximum of 7 days at a stretch.

Does Isabgol cure acid reflux?


There is no evidence and even less theory that suggests that isabgol helps with acid reflux.

Will psyllium husk help with hypothyroidism?


Hypothyroidism constipation is usually caused because of a hormonal imbalance.

This usually leads to slow-transit constipation.

Adding isabgol to the mix may may slow-transit constipation even worse.

So psyllium husk is not the answer to hypothyroidism constipation.

Does Isabgol increase weight?


Isabgol will make you feel full (and likely bloated).

This will pass once you use the toilet. It is virtually impossible for Isabgol to increase your weight.

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