My Story of H Pylori | If I can do it, why not you?

If you are scared because you have H Pylori, I have written this article and diet plan for you.

I was in your place 1 year ago…

…but I used research to make my own 60-day H Pylori diet plan.

Today, my digestion is 100% back to normal.  

If I can do it, why can’t you?

In April 2023, I got food poisoning after eating some local, street food.

The next few days, I got loose stools and didn’t feel very hungry.

I thought it would go away in a few days…

…but instead, my symptoms worsened.

Whatever I ate, I got acidity.

Even if I ate one piece of fruit, I felt heavy.

But I only really started to panic when I got stomach pain.

Left side pain, throughout the day.

I visited the doctor, who gave me acidity tablets and some painkillers.

I used it for 2 weeks, then realized it was only a temporary solution.

Then I booked an appointment with a local gastroenterologist, who asked me to do a Rs. 2000 endoscopy test.

The result: RUT Positive, H Pylori Detected and Erosions in stomach.

I was extremely scared – my stomach had cuts. I had gastritis.   

The gastro told me not to worry. H

He recommended I take antibiotics for 14 days.

I started and almost immediately felt better.

Day 3 – no acidity.

Day 7 – no stomach pain.

I really thought I was become 100% back to normal.

After 14 days, I stopped the medicine – but continued eating light foods.

Khichdi, dal-chawal..

But the problem started to return.

I felt heavy after eating again.

I started burping a LOT.

Stool was never formed properly – always felt unsatisfied after visiting the washroom.

Gastro told me again to do 14 days antibiotics.

I didn’t want to, so I started searching online.

Realized LOTs of people have H Pylori. Using forums and blogs, I realized a few things:

  1. I have to control my diet for at least 60 days for full recovery
  2. I have to add certain foods to get the best result

I started by changing my diet.

I had already stopped fried and oily foods. I also:

  1. Stopped anything with too much salt (like salted nuts or canned soup)
  2. Stopped full fat dairy products (like Thandai and milk)
  3. Stopped drinking coffee daily

Literally EVERY successful story I read online added the same five elements into the diet, so I:

  1. Added foods rich in Omega 3 [to rebuild stomach lining]
  2. Added foods rich in zinc [to improve stomach function]
  3. Added foods rich in flavonoids [to fight H Pylori]

Part 1 and 2 was easy: I added flax seed oils, walnuts, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds to my diet.

Part 3 was harder. I had to add a lot of spices which were not easy to do.

4 blogs I read online mentioned that they used a flavonoid rich, natural jam called TumGard.

It wasn’t very expensive – so I decided to use this natural jam to get my flavonoids.

Day 1Vegetable Poha with curry leaves, mustard seeds, and peasRoti with Dal, cucumber-tomato salad and yogurt.

End with half spoon of TumGard
Vegetable biryani with raita (spiced with cucumber)

End with half spoon of TumGard

Day 2Upma with mixed vegetables and a dash of turmericChapati with palak paneer, dal and cucumber salad   End with half spoon of TumGardGrilled eggplant, mushrooms and bell peppers with quinoa

End with half spoon of TumGard
Day 3Idli with coconut chutney and sambarRajma curry with brown rice, carrot -beetroot salad   End with half spoon of TumGard.Paneer tikka with less masala, and chapati with black dal
End with half spoon of TumGard.

Within 7 days of starting the diet, I started feeling much, much lighter.

When I added TumGard, my bloating and acidity went down drastically.

After 20 days, my stool shape improved and started forming properly.

Finally, I felt satisfied after using the washroom.

By day 30, I felt I was almost 80% back to normal but I didn’t want to take a risk so I continued for 30 more days.

Of course, now I can eat ice cream or spicy food and not have much problem.

But I don’t do it.

Health is the only thing we have.

I will never take my health lightly again.

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I did a stool test to see what my H Pylori status was. No surprises, I am now H Pylori negative.

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