Cranberry juice benefits (female): My 30-day experience

Cranberry juice benefits (female): My 30-day experience

In this blog, I’ll share my honest 30-day cranberry juice benefits experience as a woman.


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Juggling between my studies and work, consuming junk food, and not exercising took a toll on my health.

I was facing problems with gas, bloating, and indigestion. My periods were mostly delayed and painful. 

And to top it off, I had acne and a vaginal yeast infection.

I tried many antiseptic creams for my vagina, all kinds of serums on my face. I had even tried home remedies for my gut health. But nothing helped me.

Due to my busy schedule and lazy attitude, I could not take out time for any kind of physical activity.

That’s when my roommate suggested that I should try cranberry juice.

I had heard about the juice but never really tasted it. 

I began my research on the benefits of cranberry juice. There were massive claims about cranberry juice’s benefits for skin, benefits for stomach and benefits for females sexually.

Many people online also said that cranberry juice is good for colon.

I thought of this as a gem. It seemed like it had the solutions to all my problems.

I was sick and tired of my health and thought to give it one last shot.

The worst that could happen is that it would not show any results.

Next day, I bought a bottle of 100% pure cranberry sugar-free juice. 

I also thought to make two changes for the next 30 days in my life:

  1. Practice yoga for 30 mins every Sunday.
  2. Eat junk food only 1 time per week.

My 30-day Experience with Cranberry Juice

I decided to consume a full glass of cranberry juice every day on an empty stomach.The juice has a sweet, sour, and bitter taste to it.

And since bitter gourd is my favourite vegetable, I was ok with the taste. 

However, the drink tasted extremely sour to me. So, the next day I added some black salt and a few drops of honey in it. The sourness of the juice was perfectly balanced.

And it tasted much better.

I followed the same recipe for the next 29 days. Not once did I regret drinking it; It kept me fresh and hydrated. 

But my main concern was to resolve the issues that made me start consuming it in the first place.

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Did it work?

After religiously consuming cranberry juice for 30 days, I saw some but not all of the claimed benefits.

How cranberry juice benefits stomach?

During my research, I read that cranberry juice is good for gas and bloating.

After 3 days, I noticed that I passed more stool than earlier. My system felt very clean in the morning. It gave me a sort of relief and made me feel light.

The effects of bloating and gas after eating my meals reduced drastically.

So cranberry juice definitely helped my  stomach and gut health.

How cranberry juice benefits female sexually?

Thankfully, I didn’t have any UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) which is most common in females. Every female is said to have a UTI once in her lifetime. It causes pain, discomfort, and irregular and painful urination.

And cranberries are loaded with acid components which help fight bad bacteria in the urinary tract. And the food you consume has to do a lot with vaginal secretions.

All of this made sense to me from the first week of consuming it. The irritation and dryness in my vagina got a little better. This maybe placebo, I’m not sure.

My clumpy vaginal discharge started to turn normal.

Cranberry juice did not benefit my yeast infection though. I tried drinking and applying it. There was absolutely no difference.

How cranberry juice benefits skin?

Honestly, there was no big difference. Few of my pimples dried, and the acne marks lightened a tad bit.

But I feel that would have happened even without the cranberry juice.

How cranberry juice worked for my periods?

On the 29th day, I had my periods right on time. 

My mood swings, backache, and cramps were more bearable this time.

I think this was the biggest benefit of drinking cranberry juice for me.

Is it ok to drink cranberry juice every day?

Cranberry juice is a good friend especially to females. However, if you have any medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, or are pregnant you should consult your doctor before consuming it.

Other than that cranberry juice has no side effects when consumed in moderation with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

What does moderation mean? 100 to 150ml daily.

As per my experience, I’ll recommend having pure cranberry juice without any artificial sugar. You can always experiment by adding honey, black salt, or orange juice to it.

You’re free to drink it at any time of day.

However, I found that drinking it in the morning gave a fresh start to my day. 

Final Thoughts

Honestly, when it started with the 30 days challenge. I didn’t have many expectations because Google brags about everything.

But some of the review for cranberry juice benefits (female) applied to me. The changes I noticed in my gut and period health were amazing.

I have decided to drink half a glass of cranberry juice every day. And after every 10 days, I will skip it for 3 days to give my system a break.

Otherwise, my body will get used to the drink, and stop showing results.

If you struggle with the same problems that I did, try cranberry juice for yourself!

Happy skin, gut, and sexual health ladies!

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