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“I have gotten lot of relief from back pain, body pain and acidity.

Girish m.

Order #8135

Amazing drink. I have given it to many patients and it has really helped them. in 24 days.”

Nt. Shilpa.

Order #6069

I lose 17kgs in 4 months! No diet, just Hugg. Hunger cravings gone away, and feeling very light.”

Mradul L.

Order #13507

“Absolutely amazing! You have to go for it!

Mohd. Shafiq.

Order #15052

“My husband used to have a lot of bloated feeling, and with Hugg in the morning he is definitely feeling better.”


Order #11613

“I used Hugg for 24 days and I found it could help pass the motion properly.”

Jatin Deka

Order #15062

I had mild IBS. I was able to see the difference within a week itself. After just 24 days, my bloating, digestive issues have reduced, motions are proper now. I feel very much relieved now.”


Order #15162

“After COVID I feel so energetic and lighter than before after having kalmegh product. Results are 100% my sugar levels are in control, no tiredness, feeling lighter, good digestion and control on hunger cravings.

Vaishnavi P.

Order #13430

“My dietician has recommended taking Kalmegh Bitters last year since then me and my family members are continuously taking it, this is my 5th month of continuation. I was able to see changes in my body within 10-12 days. Apart from solving my gut issues I also feel that the skin has become clear.

Kaustabh G.

Order #14622

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See more results

Just imagine…

  • What if you could eat out, without worrying about upsetting your stomach?
  • What if you could live the work from home life, without gas, bloating or indigestion?
  • What if you could meet your protein target, without feeling heavy or full?
  • What if you feel more energetic, all day long?
  • What if random acid refluxes stopped?
  • What if you could get back to normal faster after a COVID/Dengue/Malaria infection?

If you want to know what that feels like, try Kalmegh Bitters.

Or if you want us to help you decide, just take our 1 min quiz.

Take the 1-min gut quiz

Made with 100%
real ingredients.

No extracts. No essential oils. No preservatives.

List of Ingredients: Alkaline Water, Lemon Juice (2.5%), Botanical Blend (Kalmegh Leaves, Moringa Leaves, Turmeric, Dry Ginger, Black Pepper), Jaggery

Real food.
Real results.

Take the 1-min gut quiz

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Take the 1-min gut quiz

A Hugg for one month…

…costs less than a family meal.


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4.8 Star Rating


4.8 Star Rating


4.8 Star Rating