Morning drink
for your gut

So you don’t rely on antacids and laxatives for the rest of your life

COVID Recovery

“I felt really energetic in just a few days. It helped me recover faster after viral fever”

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Digestive Trouble

“My digestive troubles have gone away. I may give my son who is 9 and has constipation”

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Digestive Trouble

“I have almost no acidic refluxes. I don’t feel the need to take afternoon naps”

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Made with 8 real ingredients

ingredients to clean stomach

Hugg > Drug

medicines to clean stomach


are made from synthetic compounds

like antacids

may help to reduce acidity

have side effects

like kidney damage, saggy skin, hair fall and low hemoglobin


are made from chemicals

like laxatives

may only help with constipation

have side effects

like loose motion, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting

Kalmegh Bitters

is made from 100% real ingredients

is a morning juice

that may help with acidity, constipation, upset stomach and liver health

with zero side effects

because food > drug.

Medicine has side effects

which may cause your body trouble

Churan works for short time

then stops working when your body gets used to it.

Kalmegh Bitters

frees the body by providing the right nutrients to restore and repair.

How it’s made

How to take

Are 24 days enough 📅?

Day 0 to 24

It is common to feel very light, and slightly energetic.

Day 24 to 72

Customers report less acid reflux, and smooth bowel movement. You may feel like your appetite has reduced – it may be a sign that your body is breaking down nutrients much better.

❤️ by nutritionists and customers


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Made using 100% real ingredients

No extracts. No chemicals. No preservatives.

Safe for ages 10 to 80, except for pregnant women

FSSAI Approved and Made in India

A hugg for one month…

…costs less than a family meal.


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4.8 Star Rating


4.8 Star Rating


4.8 Star Rating