Not everything needs medicine.

The average human may take ~14,000 pills in his/her lifetime. Studies suggest that 50-60% of those pills are unnecessary, and can be replaced with food.

At Hugg, we are on a mission to offer medicine-alternatives using beverages made with 100% real ingredients that deliver measurable results.

A morning drink for the gut, for those who don’t want to rely on antacids and laxatives for the rest of their lives

A morning drink for metabolic health, for those who want to control blood sugar, HBA1C and cholesterol without medicines

The difference

✔️ Straight from nature

✔️ 100% real ingredients

✔️ Zero side effects

✔️ Zero dependency

❌ Made in a laboratory

❌ Chemical compounds

❌ Multiple side effects

❌ May create dependency

So powerful.
So real.
So simple.

Harsh and Tanvi from Hugg

We are a a pair of really curious siblings that haven’t had any medicine in the past 8 years. Our food is literally our medicine.

Now, we want to make it yours, too.

Harsh & Tanvi”