“I lost 17kgs in 4 months, without exercising or dieting.”

Purchased Hugg in July 2020

How was the experience?

“It targeted my stamina, hunger and immunity. I didn’t lose any weight for the first month, but I felt light and hunger cravings became very, very less. If I ate in the house, I could not eat outside. Then in month 3, I started losing weight drastically.”

I’ve lost so many inches that clothes that I purchased just 3 months ago ‘hang’ on my body.

Were you on any medicines?


Was the taste too bitter?

“I had no problem with the taste.”

A video that I made after losing my weight. My friends ask me ‘kandhe kaha gaye?!”


Weight (Day 0)


Weight (Day 96)



So powerful.
So real.
So simple.