“Blood sugar readings are quite good. Gut health has improved a lot.”





>5 yr

# years as Diabetic

Purchased Hugg on December 27 (#13291)

How was the experience with Hugg?

The change is in general feeling food condition and of course there’s some change in bowel movement. My gall bladder is removed but I face no or little problem. The juice seems to have good effect on morning sickness. I get good sleep, there’s another change I have noticed.

On Jan 21 2022, my fasting came to 92 and my PP came to 110.

On Feb 12, 2022, last 12 days average came to 124 (5.9% HBa1c)

Were you on a diet/medicines?

I eat rotis made up of 65% soy and wheat bran, wheat flour and oats for the rest. I eat two rotis around 100g each for lunch and dinner, no rice or starchy vegetables. No sugar or sugary drinks or very sweet fruits.

I lost 1.5kgs as well.


Fasting (Day 0)


Fasting (Day 24)



So powerful.
So real.
So simple.