“My average glucose fell from 208 to 162 in 10 days!”





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Purchased Hugg on January 10 (#13899)

What changes did you make after you found out that you were diabetic?

After I found out that I was a diabetic, I went on 90% keto diet and started exercising for 1-1.5 hours daily. I started doing intermittent fasting for 16 hours. Still, there was 100 point fluctuation in my readings. It would go from 140 to 250. You can see my continuous glucose monitoring data. I paid for consultations for doctors from Twin Health and Hinduja but that didn’t help. They said even they were surprised why there is this much fluctuation and they didn’t have an answer.

From October 22, 2021 to November 5, 2021: my average glucose was 208 (Hba1c 8.9%) This is with metformin 1000 + agogliptin 25 in the morning and metformin 1000 + agogliptin 25 in the evening.

How was the experience with Hugg?

While I was taking Hugg, I was on a continuous glucose monitor. You can see the results of just 10 days below. From Jan 9 to Jan 19, my average glucose came to 162 (Hba1c 7.3%). This is without any allopathic medicine. I was astonished!

Yellow line is WITHOUT HUGG. Orange line is WITH HUGG.

Were you on a diet/medicines?

Yes, I was on very strict diet but even after that I was not getting results. Only after starting Hugg my results came like this.

Thank you team Hugg!


eAG (Day 0)


eAG (Day 24)



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