“My sugar levels dropped down dramatically in just 4 days! Fbs – 285 > 110, PP – 386 > 158 “





1 mnth

# years as Diabetic

Purchased Hugg on Mar 28, 2024 (#104166)

How was the experience with Hugg?

I have Neuropathy and I have been recently diagnosed with diabetes a month ago. I was on steroids for 6 months to treat neauropathy. Recently, I started experiencing severe headache and a lot of heat in my body due to steroids. I came across Hugg and started taking their Mango Leaf Tonic. In just 4 days my fasting and post-prandial sugar levels dropped down dramatically. I am so happy with the results. 

Were you on a diet/medicines?

No medicines.

I have ordered again.

Fbs 285,

Pp 386

Fbs 110, Pp 158



So powerful.
So real.
So simple.