“My fasting and PP became half in 24 days!”





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# years as Diabetic

Purchased Hugg on January 16 (#14474)

How did you know you were diabetic?

In a previous ultrasound, they told me that I had a fatty liver. During COVID 3rd wave, I got COVID but I didn’t have any symptoms. Suddenly after COVID, I started urinating a lot at night. When I did a health check-up, I realized that my blood sugar has jumped up. I tried ayurvedic medicine and my fasting came down by very little, but still over 250. On January 16 2022 my fasting was 259 and my PP was 381.

How was the experience with Hugg?

After taking Hugg for 24 days, I got my check-up done again. On February 19th, my fasting was 124 and my PP was 152!

Were you on a diet/medicines?

No I was not on diet. I was taking Ayurvedic medicine but that didn’t give good result.

So happy I managed to control using food and not medicine.


Fasting (Day 0)


Fasting (Day 24)



So powerful.
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