“My hba1c dropped from 10 to 9.3 in 24 days!”





<5 yr

# years as Diabetic

Purchased Hugg on September 18 (#9702)

How did you know you were diabetic?

There is a history of diabetes in my family. I run a gym in Surat, and I live an active life, so when I got a minisuc meniscus tear in both knees found out I have high blood sugar also. I also have high triglycerides (191). On September 17, my HBa1c was 10%

How was the experience with Hugg?

After taking Hugg for 24 days, I got my check-up done again. On Oct 27 2021, my Hba1c fell to 9.3! Just one day before, I had taken steroids because I had an injury while playing cricket. I think the sugar would have fallen even further without the steroids.

Were you on a diet/medicines?

Yes, my medicines were continuing as usual.

I was genuinely suprised.


Hba1c (Day 0)


HBa1c (Day 24)



So powerful.
So real.
So simple.