Taking antibiotics for H Pylori, but not getting relief?

  • Being embarrased to run to the bathroom multiple times in the middle of work day?👇
  • Waiting for a proper bowel movement to get relief from bloating, cramps and abdominal pain? 👇
  • Feeling depressed, because you cannot focus at work or enjoy like you want? 👇
  • Being scared to travel, because you don’t know when your symptoms will flare up? 👇

Feeling heartburn or acidity after every meal?

Half Spoon, Two Times/Day

Two Times A Day

Half Spoon After Lunch and Dinner


Reduces Acidity

Reduces Heaviness

Reduces Heartburn

Reduces Bloating

Half Spoon, Two Times/Day

Take for maximum 20 days.

No Side Effects.
No Loose Motions.

Made with 4 real ingredients

Incredible results
in just 20 days.

Within 12 days, all my problems had gone off. It’s just excellent.”

Ayan M.

Order #15162

I am very happy for liver and and weight loss. Very satisfied. Thank you guys.

Abhishek S.

Order #15162

“My allopathic medicine has come to zero.


Order #13430

Bloating has surely reduced. I am going to continue the course.”

Sarita V.

Order #14622

More than 2,239 dietitians, nutritionists, parents, grandparents and children have tried Tumgard.

Tumgard costs
less than 1 family meal


TumGard is a natural jam made with real ingredients that are very rich in Flavonoids. Flavonoids have been shown to help fight H.Pylori infections.

Half teaspoon after lunch and half teaspoon after dinner. We provide a teaspoon with every order of TumGard.

It takes time to fight and remove an infection. We recommend a minimum of 20 days (without break) to see the best results of TumGard.

Absolutely. TumGard is made with non-toxic, approved food ingredients and can be safely consumed for people aged 10 to 80.

After opening, we recommend you store TumGard in a fridge.

TumGard is bottled in non-porous, non-leach glass bottles.

40gms. Each bottle is enough to last 10 days.

Can stop using after 20 days. Limited pieces available.