Giloy Juice Benefits for Female | My 30-day experience

giloy juice benefits for female

In this blog, I’ll share my observations about giloy juice benefits for female that I made after trying giloy juice on myself for 30 days.

Working sedentary for 9 hours a day and eating junk in most of my meals increased my weight by 5 kg.


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Since diabetes runs in my family, I was worried that I’ll get it too.

One day on a call with my grandmother, I talked about my weight gain and how it was affecting my overall health.

She suggested that I drink giloy juice.

Since Ayurveda and grandmothers have the answer to all the problems, I thought to give this a try without a second thought.

My next step was to search for the benefits of giloy juice.

There were claims of giloy juice benefits for diabetes, digestion, skin, stress, and weight loss.

My grandmother recommended that I try it for 30 days as natural ingredients take time to show results. 

I found that Patanjali giloy juice was the most conveniently accessible one.

I got it the same day from a local store and decided to start my 30-day giloy juice challenge the next day.

 Simultaneously, I decided to walk 5000 steps daily and reduce my junk food intake.

Giloy juice benefits for female in 30 days

The Patanjali giloy juice bottle suggested mixing 15-30ml of juice with water and consuming it on an empty stomach in the morning and evening.

But I decided to drink it only in the morning.

The taste of giloy juice was bitter and astringent, and the texture was thick and mucus-like.

I was not sure if anything could be added to the juice like lemon or salt.

So, I drank plain juice for 30 days straight.

It tasted a little weird at first. I really did not enjoy drinking it, but there was so much online about giloy juice benefits for female that I put taste aside and continued to drink it.

Also, the astringent taste irritated my throat.

Did it work?

After consuming the giloy juice for 30 days, I did not see many results in my body.

Here are the areas that I was monitoring:

Giloy benefits for weight loss

I was particularly excited to see the results of giloy juice benefits for weight loss.

My weight before starting the challenge was 64 kg, and by the end, I had lost 4 kg.

During my research, I read that giloy juice helps to boost immunity and metabolism which fastens weight loss.

Giloy benefits for weight loss as it contains adiponectin and leptin.

I don’t think the 4 kg reduction was solely due to drinking giloy juice. I was also completing my 5000 steps per day and eating less junk food than before.

Thus, giloy juice did help me to some limits in losing weight. But I had expected more.

Giloy benefits for liver

I read various reports about giloy juice being good for the liver.

And the healthier the liver, the better the digestion.

After a week of drinking giloy juice, my stools became considerably easier to pass.

My stomach felt completely clean. During the 30-day challenge, I never felt too full after eating.

Bloating and gas after meals were also reduced to some extinct.

Thus, giloy juice did help in my digestion.

Giloy benefits for skin

The anti-aging properties in giloy juice helps to reduce acne marks, pimples, and wrinkles.

Because I have sensitive skin, I did not put giloy juice on my face.

I do not have many skin-related issues as I follow a proper skincare routine.

By the end of the challenge, my acne scars were noticeably light. And I had a healthy glow on my face.

Overall, I don’t think giloy juice had much of an effect on my skin. The glow could be due to the serums I used in my morning and evening skincare routine.

Giloy benefits for diabetes

The claims on giloy juice benefits for diabetes were massive.

In Ayurvedic medicine, giloy is known as ‘Madhunashini,’ which means “sugar destroyer.”

After the challenge, I got my blood sugar level tested and there was no change.

According to my doctor, giloy juice does provide results when consumed in moderation to both males and females.

However, an overdose can cause more harm than good. 

What does moderation mean? 15-30 ml daily.

This conversation led me to research the side effects of giloy juice.

“Giloy is for immunity. This juice is for everything else”

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Side effects of Giloy juice

Giloy juice side effects on diabetes

When consumed too much, giloy can drastically drop the sugar levels due to its immunity-boosting qualities.

It can also interfere with the diabetes medications, resulting in hypoglycemia.

Giloy juice side effects on kidney

Overconsumption of giloy juice can cause a burning sensation in urine.

Some reviews suggest that overconsumption of giloy juice can cause constipation too.

Constipation naturally increases stress on all detox organs, and this could be one of the giloy juice side effects on kidney.

Giloy juice side effects on liver

Lots of giloy juice comes with heavy metals.

These metals can cause serious damage to kidneys and liver.

So whenever you buy Giloy juice, please look for a heavy metal free certificate, otherwise you may have giloy juice side effects on liver.

Giloy juice side effects on skin

Giloy juice can react easily with a sensitive skin.

Some of the Giloy juice side effects on skin are:

  • Burning sensation
  • Pimples
  • Itching
  • Redness

Final Thoughts & Alternate

Honestly, I somewhat regret my decision to start the challenge. Giloy juice is well-known in Ayurveda, therefore I had great hopes for it.

Giloy juice did not perform like I thought it would.

After reading about the side-effects on the liver and kidneys, I have decided to drink the juice just two times a week.

However, I tried Kalmegh Bitters for 24-Days and I could see some good results. It has been made from 10+ Natural Ingredients.

I have also decided to walk 5000 steps a day, reduce my junk intake even more and do yoga every Sunday.

If your problems are similar to mine, you can try following the same routine and try giloy juice for yourself.

Giloy vs. Kalmegh Juice

❤️ by 300+ nutritionists

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