“I have almost no acidic refluxes”

Purchased Hugg in August 2020


“Me and my husband have been using Hugg for 2 months.”

How was the experience?

“I never felt so energetic and fresh before even during afternoon hours. I have almost no acidic refluxes and digestive problems. As a Nutritionist, I would recommend this product to my patients. Really happy with Kalmegh. We will be continuing usage of Kalmegh as the results are really outstanding.”

I don’t feel the need to take afternoon naps

Were you on a diet / medicines?


Was the taste too bitter?




Daily acid reflux (Day 0)


Daily acid reflux (Day 48)



“I have gotten lot of relief from back pain, body pain and acidity.

Girish m.

Order #8135

Amazing drink. I have given it to many patients and it has really helped them. in 24 days.”

Nt. Shilpa.

Order #6069

I lose 17kgs in 4 months! No diet, just Hugg. Hunger cravings gone away, and feeling very light.”

Mradul L.

Order #13507

“Absolutely amazing! You have to go for it!

Mohd. Shafiq.

Order #15052

“My husband used to have a lot of bloated feeling, and with Hugg in the morning he is definitely feeling better.”


Order #11613

“I used Hugg for 24 days and I found it could help pass the motion properly.”

Jatin Deka

Order #15062

I had mild IBS. I was able to see the difference within a week itself. After just 24 days, my bloating, digestive issues have reduced, motions are proper now. I feel very much relieved now.”


Order #15162

“After COVID I feel so energetic and lighter than before after having kalmegh product. Results are 100% my sugar levels are in control, no tiredness, feeling lighter, good digestion and control on hunger cravings.

Vaishnavi P.

Order #13430

“My dietician has recommended taking Kalmegh Bitters last year since then me and my family members are continuously taking it, this is my 5th month of continuation. I was able to see changes in my body within 10-12 days. Apart from solving my gut issues I also feel that the skin has become clear.

Kaustabh G.

Order #14622

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