“I did experience noticeable weight loss as well”

Purchased Hugg in August 2021


“I wanted to look and feel my best for my brother’s wedding in December.”

How was the experience?

“The program worked fantastically for me. The Kalmegh Bitters along with a change in diet made me feel more energetic, light and cheerful. I did experience noticeable weight loss as well. I’d recommend this program to anyone and everyone, if you want to feel better, treat your gut better!”

I feel energetic, light and cheerful.

Were you on a diet / medicines?

“Yes, I was on an elimination diet by Janvi Chitalia.”

Was the taste too bitter?

“A little, but I got used to it.”



Energy (Day 0)


Energy (Day 24)



So powerful.
So real.
So simple.