“In 3 months, my BP dropped from 160/100 to 130/80.”

Purchased Hugg in May 2021

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I am a heavy smoker. I had initially taken the product as an immunity booster during COVID and to clear the congestion in my lungs.”

How was the experience?

“By day 24, my cough was gone. My congestion reduced to 10% of what it initially was. The laziness and lethargy which I felt in the evenings disappeared.”

By Day 48, “my gas and constipation problems were resolved. “My hunger cravings also reduced and I could easily skip breakfast to focus on lunch and dinner.”

By day 72, “I started noticing that I was losing inches overall. I lost 2 inches around my waist.

I lost 2 inches
around my waist

Were you on a diet / medicines?

“I had taken no other precautions. I do not exercise either.”

Was the taste too bitter?

“Initially, I found it bitter but in a few days my tongue accepted it.”



Blood Pressure (Day 0)


BP (Day 72)



So powerful.
So real.
So simple.