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In 2016, after many years of achy nights and bottles of joint pain oil, my mother was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).  

Her physician told her that she has to take medication for RA for the rest of her life.

Soon after, my father started complaining about his excruciating knee joint pain and stiffness; I think his diabetes was progressing fast.

Joint pain oil didn’t help him, either.

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My name is Alvina Nawed, and I am a candidate for MSc in Rehabiliation sciences

Given my background, I taught my parents a few exercises to ease their pain.

It helped, but after a point, their suffering became intolerable.

As a result, they couldn’t continue those exercises either.

Even on multiple medications, my parents got no relief.

Their fatigue got worse and joints turned stiffer with very little to no real everyday routine movements.

My education has made one thing clear: any type of arthritis drugs hardly address the cause of the illness.

These pills work only to ease symptoms like pain and stiffness temporarily.

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In fact, they are known to cause side effects if not taken in moderation.

Joint pain oil does the exact, same thing.

A better alternative to joint pain oil

Disappointed with no tangible improvement, I turned to extensive research on functional medicine and anti-inflammatory substances that work on the base level.

I wanted to dig deeper into what might respond effectively to these autoimmune problems.

This immune response can get triggered by absolutely anything, such as extreme stress, poor diet, excessive use of antibiotics, insignificant physical activity, poor gut health

After going through a couple of articles, I discovered Kalmegh which is a green plant, exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

It also helps to cleanse the liver and function to improve gut health.

Fortunately, I came across Kalmegh Bitters on Amazon last year while looking up drinks/supplements that contain Kalmegh as an ingredient.

Image of Kalmegh Bitters
Image of Kalmegh Bitters

I immediately examined their website and placed an order of 24 bottles as a one time course for my mother.

Ever since the improvements she has undergone are worth a read.

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End of week 1 | More energy

My mother started feeling energetic within the first week itself.

There was no real difference in her joint pain, but the fact that the product was natural and bitter gave her the confidence to continue.

End of month 1 | No more joint pain oil

Amazingly, both my parents stopped using their joint pain oil.

Their energy levels soared high.

My mother was able to have a sound sleep unlike before…

… and my father resumed his business.

He even initiated his daily morning walks which is essential given he is a diabetic patient.

I became so confident, that I ordered a few more sets of 24.

End of month 6 | Incredible results

My mother started offering namaz while standing which was an exhausting affair before.

She was able to stand for longer durations and began working in the kitchen once again.

This made her not only optimistic but delighted.

My mother lost a few kgs with no dietary modification. Her appetite improved as well. She craved less sugar and was able to keep a more balanced diet.

My father resumed his exercise program and became more active.

Both my parents felt light with robust energy due to improved digestion and regular bowel movements.

Both of them had reduced stress levels with 8-9 hours of solid sleep.

They no longer have to keep popping pills for extreme stiffness and pain that was damaging their kidneys in the long run.

Now, they are active enough to be able to take control of their lives without much domestic help.

Unlike before, they don’t bring up excuses to not attend family gatherings and functions.

Keep in mind, the only change they brought into their routine was Kalmegh Bitters.

Why I recommend Kalmegh Bitters instead of joint pain oil?

Because I believe in functional medicine.

Bitter is composed of natural, no preservatives, no chemicals, no sugar, ingredients.

It claims to cleanse your liver from free radicals and in turn works on the healing process.

Moreover, it reduces inflammation in the gut which I suppose was the reason for the overworked immune system in my parent’s case.

I believe that bacteria imbalance in the gut could be one of the key factors to trigger RA.

Bitters helped to relax their immune system by allowing the growth of good bacteria in the gut wall, which must have promoted healing.

Every person is unique and sometimes they need more than dietary modifications, exercises, medicines to have a considerable impact on any kind of illness, not just RA.

One thing is for sure.

After spending years on traditional medicines to relieve joint pain, my parents never felt this good and free of chronic symptoms.

They are still in contact with their physicians, but those monthly visits are not required anymore.

As a student of physiotherapy and rehabilitation sciences, if you or your loved ones are struggling with joint pain, I recommend Kalmegh Bitters.

Fix your troubles, from within.

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