Ash gourd juice daily morning for 30 days changed my skin and stomach health.


I have seen ash gourd juice pop up on the internet in so many places.

Sadhguru talks about it.

The folks at the Satvic movement talk about it.

But I was never inclined to try it.

Then, my skin and gastric health deteriorated during the lockdown because my physical activity had become zero.

I tried various products for my skin like home remedies and trial and error skin products, but nothing would show results.

As far as my gastric health was concerned, I tried incorporating healthier things into my diet.

Apple cider vinegar helped a little, but I stopped when I learned about the side effects.
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Isabgol just made me feel bloated.

Probiotic drinks like Kombucha were honestly too expensive to make into a daily ritual.

I wasn’t satisfied.

Then, my friend suggested ash gourd juice and it popped up on my radar again. She said that it would act like a cure for both my issues. After going through a fair share of trial and errors, I thought that this was worth giving a shot.

The worse that could happen was that it would not show results.


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What is Ash gourd juice?

When my friend introduced me to ash gourd I was most certainly confused because I had never heard of it or seen it.

After searching online and asking a local vegetable vendor I found out that it is a white, thick fleshed, and sweet vegetable that has a waxy coating.

It is widely known as white pumpkin or winter melon, and is very commonly used in Indian religious rituals too.

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My experience with Ash gourd juice

Upon trying it for the first time, I realized that is tastes a lot like cucumber, but sweeter. This resemblance is due to the high-water content in the vegetable which makes it great for weight loss as well.

In the juice form it felt quite refreshing to drink and was overall a pleasant experience.

I decided to make it a ritual to drink the juice early in the morning on an empty stomach every day for 30 days.

Unlike other drinks that I have tried in a similar fashion prior to this, ash gourd juice was definitely easier on the taste buds and not too aggressive of a flavor.

After drinking it for the first 10 days, I got slightly bored of the taste.

So to cut off the sweetness a tad bit, I added some squeezes of lemon to the juice as well.

Did it work?

After the first week of drinking it, I could tell that my gastric issues had definitely become less pertinent.

I felt a little heavy every time I drank the juice, but the next day the amount of stool I was passing really increased. It felt like everything was getting cleaned inside.

After 12 to 15 days of drinking the juice, I started to see some positive changes in my skin, too. Some acne that I had from prior to drinking the juice were starting to clear up and became less visible.

This makes sense – experts online keep saying that skin health is linked to gut health.

In addition to this I also saw a change in how hydrated I was. Given the water filled nature of the vegetable itself, I felt quite nourished and hydrated throughout the day.

The journey of drinking it for 30 days was definitely coming to fruition.

Please note: I hadn’t made any changed to my diet.

After day 25, the skin didn’t clear anymore. It felt very regular, like drinking water.

I started researching online and realized that any juice consumed for too long will stop giving results.

It’s almost as if the body gets too used to it.

Ash gourd juice side effects

I also learned a lot about the ash gourd juice side effects – something most people do not even talk about.

On the surface ash gourd seems to be a pretty good way to solve gastric or skin related issues but there are some limitations to it.

#1 It is said that having excess amounts of ash gourd juice or for a prolonged period can cause phlegm. This can be attributed to its waxy nature and can be detrimental in general as well as for people who have asthma or bronchitis.

#2 The vegetable also has a high amount of minerals in it. Therefore, drinking it for a long period of time can lead to toxic levels of metallic substances being accumulated in the body.

#3 The juice isn’t a shortcut – you have to change your lifestyle too. Otherwise, you’ll get the same stomach and skin problems you had when you get off it.

However, if you’re looking for natural ways to improve your gut-health and skin, you can always try Kalmegh Bitters

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The final verdict

While my experience has been good, it is understandable that everybody is different.

It is also important to note that this is a very short-term cure for your problems and to get a solution that lasts, it is important that you sought to something that is specially curated for those purposes.

Today, I alternate between two juices every month: ash gourd juice and Kalmegh Bitters.

Kalmegh Bitters is another natural juice that really makes me feel energetic, light, fresh, helps in face clean up and reduces bloating.

Honestly, this ritual works well for me. Find your own ritual, and become healthy today!

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