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I have used a constipation syrup on and off since the past 5 years.

But when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2019 after a major stressful event, I started using it very regularly.

After diagnosis, I was put on thyroxine and was told to manage anxiety.

There is a lot that hypothyroidism brings with it: constipation, extreme exhaustion, dry skin and unexplained weight gain.

My #1 problem has been constipation. I used to have constipation even before my thyroid, and now it had gotten really bad.

Constipation is a taboo that almost every hypothyroid patient suffers from in their lifetime. Still, nobody bats an eye about it.

After years of trial and error, I’ve managed to get my constipation under control. 

I’m writing today to share my story. For real change, we must discuss all issues – even the most embarrassing ones. 

So, here it goes.

Reducing dependency on constipation syrup

Likewise, everybody is unique and responds to different substances differently.

For instance, constipation syrup worked on me, but whenever I stopped using it, my digestion felt very irregular.

I also tried isabghol/psyllium husk for a long time every day without fail, but I couldn’t relieve constipation. 

The juice to eat without bloating

❤️ by 300+ nutritionists

Constipation syrup or Isabgol may have worked brilliantly for a lot of people out there but did absolutely nothing for me, instead long term use lead to isabgol side effects.

So I kept trying new things to see what works: warm lemon water, apple cider vinegar, etc. 

It was somewhere in December 2019, a nutritionist friend of mine introduced me to Kalmegh Bitters

She told me to replace my morning drink with Kalmegh Bitters and observe how my metabolism changes.

Honestly, being a science geek and an evidence-based researcher, I don’t just buy what I am told. 

So, as soon as she told me about it, I started exploring their website to know what I am going to introduce into my body. 

To my surprise, this drink claimed to focus on the gut – which immediately caught my eye because of my constipation problem. Apple cider vinegar has never helped in that regard, and so I was looking to change it in the first place. In fact, apple cider vinegar side-effects created more problems.

Of course, there were zero preservatives, zero additives, and no chemicals – it was all-natural. 

What captivated me the most was that it has no dairy products or extracts either. Being lactose intolerant, I have to struggle a lot with what I put into my body. This was indeed enough to push me to try it. 

And guess what, it certainly turned out to be the turning point in my journey of chronic constipation. 

Is your stomach clean or dirty?

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End of week 1 | fewer hunger cravings

I started soaking up this morning drink in mid-December with high hopes. 

I took my thyroid medication first thing in the morning, then waited for half an hour before taking Kalmegh Bitters. I then waited for another half hour before eating breakfast or drinking tea/coffee.

Apart from other issues related to the thyroid, lethargy had completely taken over my life. 

It came packed in these really cute bottles, but my god it was quite bitter! 

Honestly, the taste gave me more confidence. 

I never believe in “sugary probiotic drinks or energy drinks that promise a combination of taste + health.” If it’s sweet – it’s got sugar. 

Sugar messes up the body like nothing else. I am informing you of this with my personal experience. If you don’t believe me, try those drinks for a week and jot down how your body feels. 

I had purchased one course – 24 bottles – so I kept drinking Kalmegh Bitters every morning.

By the end of the first week, I felt a difference in my energy levels. I used to nap every afternoon, but after 3 days of Kalmegh, I didn’t feel like I needed to anymore. 

I was also craving a little less sugar.

7 days had convinced me to try it further. I was curious: What would happen in 24 days?

End of month 1 | No more constipation syrup

My digestion considerably improved after a daily dose of bitter.

Bowel movements became regular, and I started getting that pet saaf wali feeling after so, so long.

I even felt less bloated. Remember: this is without any constipation syrup, laxatives or crazy exercise. Kalmegh Bitters was the only dietary change.

There was one other significant improvement: my mood. 

The brain fog that comes along with hypothyroidism is no joke. It makes you more irritable.

While I wasn’t expecting it to restore my extreme mood swings. I realized my temperament improved and I was able to focus more than usual. 

End of month 2 | Far more control

The energy and lightness in my body kept improving.

There were a few days I even woke up naturally before my alarm rang.

I think the only word that can describe it was, vitality.

I had enough in the fuel tank to consider proper exercise, and so I decided to work out to build a stronger core and immune system too. 

Bitters helped my diet as well. Eating habits became more disciplined as I wasn’t dealing with constant hunger pangs like before.

I used to take 3 biscuits with tea every afternoon, now I was happy with just 1. 

It felt like my morning drink was giving me control of my day. 

It was setting the right tone, and it has become a daily ritual. 

Wake up, drink Kalmegh Bitters and start my day. 

It feels like I govern my day, not my hypothyroidism. I can predict how I am going to feel and react to situations that are easy to handle now, unlike before. 

This may seem surprising – but I’m sure most people with hypothyroid will relate. 

I recommend Kalmegh Bitters

Bitter is not just some random energy drink that only works on your energy levels, it does more than that. It works as a prebiotic which works at your gut-level to relieve bloating and rebuild your gut wall. It also helps cleanse your liver.

How is digestion linked to better energy, hunger cravings, and mood control?

Good digestion is everything.

The science behind this is quite simple. Your gut has a balance of good and bad bacteria. Any imbalance in the ratio of these bacteria, owing to bad eating habits, sleeping habits, stress, even adapted metabolic diseases, hormonal imbalances, can lead to low immunity and wreck your entire digestive system. 

This causes enough damage to impact other bodily functions too. 

With bitterness, it feels like my body has started to heal as it has worked amazingly on my gut and liver health since the very first day. 

It has not just given me a huge relief from constipation but boosted the overall health. 

If you are reading this article and suffer from chronic constipation, I seriously urge you to please get your thyroid tested.

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