Permanent face clean up in just 2 steps [100% guaranteed]

Face Clean up

Most face clean up programs focus on cleaning from the outside. 

A typical clean up will include: 

  • Oils
  • Scrubs
  • Facewash
  • Creams
  • Exfoliants
  • …and several other ‘natural’ ingredients

We have discovered a 2-step method that helps you do a face clean up from inside.


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Step 1: Eliminate

Dermatologists usually look at faces from 4 angles. 

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Do you see any similarity? 

Most skin specialists link four nutrients present in many foods to breakouts on skin. 

These are: 

  1. Gluten (present in protein, naturally found in some grains including wheat, barley, and rye.)
  2. Fructose (present in simple sugar, such as table sugar. )
  3. Lactose (present in milk)
  4. Nutrients present in wine

If you eliminate these from your diet, you’ll start to see your face cleaning up ON ITS OWN. 

You do not need to eliminate all of them at one go.

You can remove them one by one. Here is a simple idea of how you can eliminate:

Remove one ingredient, and see how you feel for 3 to four days.

Then, remove one more ingredient and see how you feel. 

Try to replace every nutrient that you remove, so you can continue to manage your food intake.

For example, here is a list of common replacement items: 

  1. Gluten (make rotis with bajra, ragi or Any gluten free flour of your choice instead)
  2. Lactose (eat sprouts and tofu instead, they make up for the calcium! ) 
  3. Fructose (replace your serving of fruits with a serving of vegetables)

This step alone has the potential to resolve nearly 80% of your clean up. 

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Step 2: Add

When you remove, you give your skin enough time to clean up the toxins.

You can further improve the process by eating: 

  1. Gut healthy foods like prebiotics and probiotics
  2. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods

Ashgourd is a great option, but you can also try Kalmegh Bitters

Kalmegh Bitters is a natural juice that has the benefits of Moringa and Kalmegh leaves. 

With its antioxidant properties, it may help to give you a path to clearer skin! 

Other benefits include:

  • No added preservatives
  • 100% organic
  • Helps you with a better mood
  • Stimulates better bowel movement
  • Can be extremely helpful for chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, blood sugar etc. 

Other anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant food for face clean up includes: 

  1. Berries 
  2. Foods with Xanthophyll ( orange and yellow foods such as pumpkin, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, apricots and carrots) 
  3. Lemon, honey and cucumber
  4. Tomatoes
  5. Leafy greens
  6. Non dairy milk

Face clean up before and after

Here is what it may look at feel like. 

Here is a typical chart of what happens when you continue on this plan. 

Frequently asked questions

How can I clean my face naturally?

Just repeat these 2 steps for a natural face clean up in 28 days.

  • Step 1 (Eliminate) Identify your face-type, and try to remove one or all of these four nutrients (gluten, dairy, fructose and wine) from your diet.  
  • Step 2 (Add) Drink gut-healthy food like Kalmegh bitters, and anti-inflammatory foods like tomatoes, dark chocolate, green leafy vegetables etc.

What is the average price of face clean up?

This 2 – step face clean up costs virtually nothing. 

Gluten, dairy and fruit are quite expensive. When you stop eating these, you can reinvest the money in sprouts, vegetables and morning juices like Kalmegh Bitters. 

The result is long term and very, very sustainable. 

Don’t be surprised if you lose a few kgs – that’s a good secondary advantage.

Side effects of a face clean up 

There are four side effects of regular face clean ups:

  1. Redness of skin
  2. Inflammation of skin
  3. Dryness of skin 
  4. Dependence on clean ups

These side effects happen because your face clean up routine from OUTSIDE forces your clean to remove the outer layer. 

How can I clear my face in 2 days?

The answer is you can’t. If you have pimples, you can either mask it using make up, or clear your pores so you shine brighter. 

But there is no situation in which you can clean your face in two days, unfortunately. 

Is clean up good for face?

Clean ups done ocassionally are good for the face. 

We live in times where debris, dirt and pollution easily clog our pores. A face clean up frees the skin, and makes it easier for the skin to heal and shine.

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